In late 2003 and early 2004 Waterford lost an inspiring and gentle couple - Ted and Mary O'Regan. Ted was the person to the forefront of many innovative and creative actions over the years, but Mary was his inspiration and confidante - they were very much a team. More about Ted.

A group of people from the arts in Waterford have come together to launch an arts bursary in tribute to Ted and Mary. It aims to be an opportunity for a Waterford person to develop his or her creative talent. The criteria for this award are very open and flexible - people of all ages may apply.


The deadline for applications will be 5pm Friday 26th May 2017



Among the organisations who have contributed to the bursary are Waterford Youth Committee, Waterford City Council, Waterford County Council, Waterford City Enterprise Board, Red Kettle, Garter Lane Arts Centre, Spraoi, Theatre Royal, Waterford Dramatic Society and Waterford Youth Arts. Their combined support, together with individual contributions, has enabled the Bursary Committee to dispense more than €85,000 to local artists since 2005. Applications for the Bursaries are assessed by an independent adjudicator, Victor Merriman, a friend of the O'Regan family and currently lecturing in Drama Studies at the University of Liverpool.

If you would like to contribute, you can send a cheque made payable to Ted and Mary O'Regan Arts Bursary. Or you can make a direct payment to: Waterford Credit Union, Account Number 43679. All correspondence should be sent to Waterford Youth Arts. Click here for contact information.











The impact the Bursary had on previous winners

Pat Daly (winner in 2006)

“This is a short note on how the bursary came into use for me. As my application said, I wanted to take the time to put a structure, a bare bones of a play together based on a short synopsis. And then to flesh it out at a later stage. This is pretty much done and a bit more besides. The play itself has a working title "Nobby Cox", Nobby being the central character. The play revolves around a group of employees, their manager and the day to day running of their shift. When a new employee is taken on to the shift, a Czech' national, the conflict begins. But this is the least of their perceived problems, on the mystery tour the Boss reveals their facility is to be shut down in favour of a cheaper eastern European country. I suppose the theme of the play is change and how sometimes this change is out of our control, and more importantly that change can be a good thing. I hope to maintain an upbeat mood to the backdrop of this change.

"The time needed to develop this work came from the 12 weeks leave of absence from my Job. It boosted my creativity and concentrated my writing process. The bursary and the time afforded by it gave me the confidence to try something new in my approach to writing plays. While there is further writing to be done I would hope to see a production of this play in early '08.”

Robert Sinnott (winner in 2005)

“Winning the Ted and Mary O'Regan Arts Bursary was pivotal in assisting me fulfill a life long ambition to attend third level education. As a mature student the cost of returning to college was always going to be a struggle. Winning the bursary allowed me to attend Trinity College Dublin on a full time basis.

"I am currently heading into my third year in Drama and Theatre Studies. I have chosen directing and community drama as my degree options and I am really looking forward to returning to Trinity in October. I feel extremely lucky to have received the bursary not only for its financial assistance but also for the confidence in my own creative ability it has given me.

"I was overwhelmed by the kindness and support the O' Regan family showed me the day I received the Bursary award. I left Waterford City Hall that day with a strong belief that the people involved in the bursary believed in my creative talent. The effect of winning the bursary had fueled my passion for drama and the arts and though I never met Ted and Mary in person I believe they have had a huge impact in my life by helping me fulfill my dream of studding the creative arts. I am eternally grateful to all those involved in the Ted and Mary O'Regan Bursary Award and thank them for their help and guidance.”

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