WYA have prepared a Child Safety Policy document for the organisation. We would welcome feedback from parents and interested parties.

Each youth and arts organisation must have a Child Protection Officer, and for WYA that designated person is Ollie Breslin, and the deputy CPO is Helen Rafferty, who is on the WYA Board.

Waterford Youth Arts - Child Protection Summary


WYA has a comprehensive Child Protection Policy, which is available for any
parent / guardian to read. This is a one-page summary. All staff and volunteers
at WYA receive training in child protection procedures and are Garda vetted.

Waterford Youth Arts are committed to a child-centred approach to our work
with children and young people. We undertake to provide a safe environment and
experience, where the welfare of the child/young person is paramount. We will
adhere to the 'Children First: National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare
of Children’, published by the Department of Health and Children. We have
implemented procedures covering:

- Code of behaviour for all staff;
- Reporting of suspected or disclosed abuse
- Confidentiality;
- Recruitment and selecting staff;
- Managing and supervising staff;
- Involvement of primary carers;
- Allegations of misconduct or abuse by staff;
- Complaints and comments;
- Procedures relating to Incidents and accidents.


Within WYA the designated person (Child protection officer) is Ollie Breslin tel.
879377 (daytime) and 086-1759188. Ollie is the artistic director of WYA and is the
person responsible for dealing with any issues related to child protection and welfare
in the organisation and his role is to respond to any concerns that may be identified.
The deputy-designated person is Helen Rafferty tel. 086-8197883, Helen is on the
WYA Management Committee and she has also been appointed to cover this role
when the designated person is unavailable. It will be made very clear to all staff,
parents / carers /responsible adults and children / young people who the designated
person and the deputy are and how to contact them.


If we have concerns about the welfare of the child/young person we will:

Respond to the needs of the child or young person
Inform the primary carers on an ongoing basis unless this action puts the child or
young person at further risk
Where there are child protection and welfare concerns we are obliged to pass these on
to the duty social worker and, in an emergency, the gardai
In the event of a complaint against a member of staff we will immediately ensure
the safety of the child/young person and inform parents/carers/responsible adults as


Complaints and comments procedure

WYA has a complaints and comments procedure and primary carers, children/young
people and staff can contact the Administrator Sile Penkert by post or by email post to: WYA, The Arch, Barrack Street, Waterford.
Complaints/comments will be responded to within one month
The Administrator has responsibility for directing complaints/comments to the
appropriate person.
Verbal complaints will be logged and responded to within one month