Are you interested in learning new skills in drama, dance, film, writing or visual art? Skills you can use elsewhere?

WYA operates a Child Safety Policy which includes the aim to always have two adults in every workshop. WYA pays for a tutor to run each workshop, but for the organisation to run smoothly we need to have a volunteer adult on board for each workshop. What we give in return is some training and hopefully some enjoyment to the leader. We have some great volunteers who have committed themselves for many years to help with individual workshops – these people are the backbone of our work and ensure that at all times workshops are safe and good fun for all involved.

WYA staff and volunteers on an outing to Mount Congreve Gardens, meeting Michael Murphy, the head gardener

This group of Women assisted in our St. Patrick's Day Parade 2007 but most of them have been volunteers with Libby Seward in the Dance programme over the last couple of years

WYA now needs new volunteers – No experience necessary – all you need is an interest and a commitment to see through a term with a particular group. You can see from the times and venues below what types of commitment would be necessary.

Volunteer Jane Hilliard has supported our Tues. Drama Class for 12-14 year-olds over the last few terms. Jane assists tutor James Rocket.

In return you will learn new skills from the tutor. You will receive some training in child safety, first aid, etc. In the past we have found volunteers from parents, teachers, youthworkers, WIT and CTI students and other arts workers. If you are interested, please ring the office at 879377 or Ollie at 086-1759188 and leave your name and tel. no. – Ollie will get back to you for a chat and hopefully we can find a few more good committed people who like to play and have fun.

Playwright Billy Roche in action at our Creative Writing Class. The series of classes was supported by volunteer Ken Lally (background), who also really enjoyed the classes
Volunteers Marion and Vera